QuickBooks Online’s SmartInvoice is set to revolutionise the way invoices are paid

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Intuit Quick Books Enterpeise SolutionsBusiness owners, especially those managing small-sized companies, struggle to transform unpaid invoices into paid ones. But if you manage a small-sized business using QuickBooks’ cloud-based accounting software, which is known as QuickBooks Online, then you are positively changing the way you manage finances and accounts.

Now, good news awaits all those business owners, including you, leveraging QuickBooks Online as there is one chief update from Intuit — the team that is behind this revolutionary accounting software. This update, or feature, is SmartInvoice that lets you send invoices and receive payments on time and easily. Now, it is time to explain a few details of SmartInvoice and see how it will make a difference in the lives of small-sized businesspersons.

Be ready to reform the way you work with SmartInvoice

QuickBooks Online’s SmartInvoice will transform the number-crunching business. SmartInvoice makes your annoying wait to clear your invoices a pleasant pause. Earlier, businesspersons never knew where there invoice was once it left them — but with SmartInvoice, it is easier and quicker for them to keep track of their bills.

This feature will make it possible for you to receive payments in a matter of days. SmartInvoice is designed to inform you about what is happening with your invoice at every step. That is not all — this feature will let you know:

— When a customer will receive and view the invoice
— The date when a customer will make a deposit

Put simply, this feature will enable you to prepare, organise and send invoices to your clients so that you will get paid on time and your cash flow will never be disrupted. SmartInvoice will make you send invoices and bills to your clients with ease. Because of this revolutionary feature, billing and accounting processes will get automated, simplified and streamlined in no time.

So use QuickBooks Online and make a world of difference in the way you tackle numbers and accounts. This software, with its new feature, will make accounting and billing tasks simpler and quicker to execute than before. Know more about transforming the way you send invoices and accept payments using QuickBooks Online by contacting Saifee Computers.

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