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Saifee Computers provides the best of ERP & Accounting software solutions and services in Dubai, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Our range of business management software includes ERP, Accounting, Point of Sale, HR, Payroll as well as industry-specific solutions which equip our customers to manage their businesses more effectively. We are constantly striving to create a platform that will provide the highest return on investment for our customers.

 At Saifee Computers we understand that all organizations may have their own set of unique requirements. We bring a range of ERP & Accounting software that offer a wide variety of benefits to choose from and at the same time, we extend the capabilities of such accounting software by customization where ever possible.

From bookkeeping to advanced reporting – completely automate the financial management of sectors such as trading & distribution, manufacturing, retail and e-commerce, Real Estate, Construction, and contracting, with our globally respected brands of accounting software.

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Quickbooks Accounting Software package that boost your efficiency and helps you work better with your clients in user friendly manner.
Image Industry Specific Functionality
Provides industry specific features for businesses in Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail, Contracting.
Image Reports, Charts and Dashboard
User Customizable MIS reports to track profitability & performance. 
Image Job tracking and Class Accounting
Keep track of your job expenses and compare them to your estimated expense.
VAT enabled software with user friendly interface.

Tally Prime

#MakeEveryDaySimple with the all new TallyPrime

ImageControl over Cash Flow: TallyPrime facilitates hassle free bills receivables and payable, efficient stock movement, optimizing cash flow, besides helping you plan and grow the business better.
ImageMulti-Management: It enables you to manage multiple companies and incrementally add features such as multiple go-downs, multi-currency, order process, cost centers etc.
Image Business Efficiency: With TallyPrime, print and view reports in the middle of voucher entry, load another company report without abandoning the activity you were on, get to know the irregularities or odd details from every report that you view and more.
Image Tax Compliance: TallyPrime comes with a prevention, detection, and correction mechanism to ensure your books are accurate, helping you file your returns with confidence.

QUICKBOOKS Online Accounting

QuickBooks Online is packed with smart features, each designed to help you and your clients eliminate work load and stay focused with automated features.  GenerateTax Invoices, manage and pay bills, bank reconciliation and VAT Report instantly.
Image Reporting
See how your business is performing with the help of customizable reports and dashboards which can be made instantly.
ImageCash Flow ManagementEnter bills from vendors, and pay them only when they are due. Schedule recurring payments to save time.
Image Auto Backup
QuickBooks Online backs up your data every day, which helps in maintaining your figures up to date.
Image Track Inventory
Easy to track Inventory on your go


Sage is the market leader in accounting software in the Middle East. It’s easy to get started and puts you in complete control of your finances, customers, suppliers and VAT, leaving you with more time to run your business.

Image Vat Compatible
Quickly and easily calculate VAT and generate FTA reports
Image Multi-Currency
Manage your customer, supplier & bank transactions in multiple foreign currencies.
Image Project Tracking
Easy to track and analyze cost incurred for each of your projects.
Image MIS Reports & Dashboards
Provides at a glance overview of your finances, customers, suppliers and inventory.

Sage 200 Evolution

Are you finding it difficult to get an integrated and holistic view of your business? It’s time to revolutionize the way you do business. Sage 200 Evolution helps you control your financial situation as well as your relationships with your customers, suppliers, and employees.

Image Finance & Accounting
Sage 200 Evolution provides the tools and capabilities to enhance business intelligence and meet complex financial requirements at any level.
Image Business Intelligence & Reporting
Intelligence Reporting is an add-on module that dynamically links to your Sage accounting data, giving your business an edge beyond standard reporting functionality.
Image Increased Productivity
Sage 200 Evolution’s unique Business Activity functionality allows you to set and manage employee tasks and productivity.
Image Specialized Modules
Sage 200 Evolution has a range of add-on modules that cater for industry specific needs. The modules seamlessly integrate with Sage 200 Evolution core financials, are cost-effective and can be rapidly deployed.

Importance of ERP Software Solutions in UAE

Accounting software has revolutionized the way financial data is maintained and processed, making complicated accounting processes simpler, improving accuracy, and boosting efficiency. It is a crucial tool for organizations of all kinds. ERP software solutions in UAE may automate operations like bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, and financial reporting, which helps to save time and lower human error.

With features like real-time data updates, customized dashboards, and safe cloud storage, modern accounting software in Dubai, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia makes it easy for team members and advisers to collaborate. This promotes better decision-making by giving current information about a company’s financial situation.

Small businesses benefit from cost-effective accounting solutions that cater to their specific needs, while larger enterprises can opt for more robust systems capable of handling intricate financial operations. Saifee Computers, a reputed ERP software company in Dubai has solutions for businesses of all sizes. As the technological landscape keeps advancing, accounting software also continues to evolve, incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict trends, identify anomalies, and provide valuable forecasts.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Accounting software solutions are digital tools designed to streamline financial tasks, including bookkeeping, invoicing, and reporting. In UAE, Dubai, and KSA, these solutions facilitate accurate record-keeping, ensure compliance with local regulations, and enhance decision-making by providing real-time insights into financial data.

    ERP software integrates various business processes such as finance, inventory, HR, and sales into a unified system. ERP software solutions in Dubai optimize resource allocation, enhance communication, and enable data-driven decision-making, thereby increasing operational efficiency and competitiveness.

    Yes, reputable ERP software companies in Dubai offer customizable accounting and ERP solutions tailored to the legal and tax frameworks of each region. These solutions ensure accurate financial reporting, tax compliance, and adherence to local regulations.

    Cloud-based solutions provide businesses in the UAE and KSA with remote access to real-time data, enabling seamless collaboration and scalability. They reduce the need for on-premises infrastructure, enhance data security, and offer cost-effective subscription models.

    Many modern accounting and ERP software solutions offer integration capabilities with a wide range of third-party applications, such as e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, and payment gateways. This integration ensures a cohesive and interconnected business ecosystem for improved efficiency and productivity.

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