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At Tally, innovation never stops. Our drive to simplify the lives of business owners never fades.
That is why, we have gone a step further to
#MakeEveryDaySimple for you.

Presenting TallyPrime the all-new business management solution.

  1. Simplified the simplest so you can discover the product easily and make the product do more for you without learning anything new
  2. Introduced greater flexibility to help the product adapt even more to your business and way of working
  3. Transformed the look and feel to make you love the product even more

Tally Prime is a versatile and user-friendly accounting and business management software designed to streamline and simplify financial operations for businesses of all sizes. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, the latest version Tally Prime empowers users to efficiently manage accounting, inventory, payroll, taxation, and more, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive growth.

One of Tally Prime’s standout features is its seamless VAT compliance capabilities, which help businesses navigate the complexities of taxation effortlessly as it allows for accurate tax calculations, generates VAT-ready invoices, and facilitates easy e-filing of VAT returns, ensuring businesses remain compliant with tax regulations.

The new software Tally Prime is used the most in UAE with its real-time reporting and analytics provide insights into key financial indicators, aiding in informed decision-making and strategic planning. Its multi-user functionality enables collaboration across departments, enhancing communication and data sharing. The most latest version Tally Prime 2.1 comes with an Edit log and Digital signature features that allow better data control, track changes made to the company data, and sign PDFs digitally while emailing them.

With Tally Prime’s remote access feature, authorized users can securely access business data from anywhere, facilitating flexible work arrangements and on-the-go management. Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, Tally Prime’s adaptability, scalability, and robust functionality make it an indispensable tool for managing your financial and operational aspects effectively.

Experience the power of new software Tally Prime firsthand!

Discover how this cutting-edge accounting and business management software can revolutionize your financial operations with the Tally Prime demo. Navigate through its user-friendly interface, and explore features like VAT compliance, real-time reporting, and multi-user collaboration. Witness the convenience of remote access to critical data, empowering you to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere. Uncover the potential of Tally’s new software Tally Prime and envision how it can elevate your business efficiency and growth. Don’t miss out – try our Tally Prime demo today and embark on a journey toward streamlined success.

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Simple additions. Everlasting impact.

While there are several experiences that we have introduced in TallyPrime, here are a few that we believe will make you love the prime experience and never want to go back to the older versions!

    Little things that make a whole lot of difference

    Here are some more enhancements that have been introduced to make your life simpler and delight you.

    • The product comes with an intelligent setup manager, that can interact with all the components of the system where Tally is running and guide you to troubleshoot any licensing or application run-time issues
    • Printing out your invoices and reports is not only much more convenient in TallyPrime with the print anything from anywhere capability, but also eco-friendly. You can now save up to 80% of paper with the optimized way of printing when it comes to specific vouchers like GST invoice
    • Introduction of Windows key combinations like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V adds to harmonization
    • Now navigate Windows folders from within the product while finding a location to either create company data in or to load existing company data
    • Mouse compatibility has been enhanced so that you get the same level of convenience as a keyboard
    • Introduction of Single Sign-On experience so you can load multiple companies with the same credentials using a single log-in
    • Introduction of Change Mode to toggle between the various modes of a transaction without needing to worry about pre-configurations

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The new software Tally Prime introduces a refreshed interface, improved user experience, and enhanced navigation. It offers powerful capabilities like simplified e-invoicing, advanced banking features, dynamic user-defined templates, and seamless integration with popular business tools.

      Tally Prime offers secure and flexible remote access. With Tally on Cloud, businesses can access their data and reports from anywhere, promoting collaborative work environments and enabling real-time decision-making.

      Absolutely. Tally Prime is equipped with advanced VAT features, making compliance seamless. It supports VAT return filing, e-invoicing, and e-way bill generation, ensuring businesses adhere to tax regulations efficiently.

      Tally Prime demo provides hands-on experience with the software’s features. Users can explore its interface, navigate modules, and interact with various functions. It allows potential users to assess how Tally Prime aligns with their business needs before making a decision.

      Tally Prime enhances reporting with dynamic and customizable templates. It allows users to create, view, and share insightful reports with interactive features. Its Business Intelligence capabilities provide deeper insights into business performance, aiding in informed decision-making.

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