HRMS Software
Companies operating in UAE require a payroll system which can be customized as per the country’s labour law and company’s policies. With an understanding of such requirements, we offer a solution which provides the following capabilities to the end users.
  • Administration:
    • Company details
    • User security settings
    • Backup and Restore.
    • Database Configuration
    • Theme selection
  • Masters:
    • Employee details
    • Company Calendar with off days information
    • Overtime percentages – 2 slabs
    • Project information
    • WPS Details
  • Activities:
    • Time sheet preparation by project
    • Salary calculation – based on time sheets
    • Loans and advance payments
    • Leave and vacation management
    • Leave salary calculation
    • Vehicle Management used for employee transport
    • Driver Details
  • Reports:
    • Employee Report: Master data, Documents expiry, Vacation management details, Project details, Advances / Loans taken, Salary Earnings, Leave Salary details, Gratuity details
    • Attendance Report
    • Statement of Salary
    • Branch wise Salary Report
    • Bank Transfer Report
    • WPS Report
    • Vehicle Report
  • Product Type – Single and Multi User
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