Top Excel Tips For All The Budding CPAs Out There

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Excel is constantly evolving itself, and that’s why it’s relevant in the corporate landscape today and tomorrow. So this post is dedicated to those CPAs, like you, who want to do smart work. Yes, it’s true that Excel may easily enable you to do hours of work in a couple of minutes. And that’s exactly why we’re giving you handy Excel tips that’ll let you gain ground in today’s corporate world where numbers have to be accurate.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of data that you may have to encounter

Just avoid using any manual step for reworking on your workbook. Rather, you should take out time to figure out which formula will you use to do the rework or interact with a workbook’s data. If it’s needed, then you should work on creating your own shortcuts to make working on Excel easier than ever. (You can make your own command cheat sheet by playing with the Quick Access Toolbar).

Memorising a few Excel shortcuts makes so much sense

You should have a bunch of handy keyboard shortcuts that’ll totally quicken the way you work with your workbook. Here’s a list of shortcuts that we find pretty serviceable time and time again.

• Shift+Spacebar
This one is used for selecting a whole row.

• Ctrl+Spacebar
This is used for selecting a whole column.

• Alt+=
This is used for inserting the SUM formula.

• Ctrl+Page Up
With this command, you’ll move to the left part of the worksheet.

• Ctrl+Page Down
This one is used for moving to the right part of the worksheet.

Master all these tables

Microsoft Excel 2007 was the first to introduce the table feature. And you should rely on tables more over relying on the run-of-the-mill ordinary data ranges. These tables are so easy to format, and using filtering controls on a table is simple and quick.

So keep in mind each of these tips to make it big as a CPA in the coming time. Did you find this post useful? If so, do share it within your corporate circle.

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