The Accounting Software implementation is a process which starts with understanding client’s business model, scope of operations and MIS requirement. The implementation process encompasses the following stages:


  • Software installation
  • Master data setup
  • Training
  • Voucher layout customization and designing
  • Reports customization
  • Software support

Software Installation:

  • Installation of software on site for single or multiple users
  • Installation of software remotely for client locations outside UAE

Master data setup:

Setting up the data the right way is the MOST important aspect of a successful implementation of accounting software. We understand the client’s operational and MIS reporting requirements and make sure that the software is setup in a way that delivers on management expectations. This also helps the accounting department save a lot of time on preparing reports in excel workbooks and do more productive work and make more valuable contribution to the company. After a thorough study of the existing system we set up the following masters:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Customer database
  • Supplier database
  • Inventory and service items list
  • Employees database
  • Jobs/Projects
  • User Security Settings

Data Import: Setting up of customers, suppliers, inventory etc could take a lot of time especially when these database are very huge in size. To help the client in saving time with setting up of company database and to speed up the process of creating these masters, we provide workbook templates to fill in data and then import the same in to the software database quickly thus saving a lot of manual work and customers’ valuable time.

Accounting Software Training:

There’s an old saying, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

If you want to have the best training from certified consultants then you have come to the right place. We provide training on all the products we sell at all levels from beginners to the expert stages. The training is provided on site at customer’s location on live data so that people can successfully learn the skills by practicing on the job.

Depending on the customer’s requirement, the training is structured and distributed in multiple sessions and focuses on organization’s needs at all times. The training agenda is set with the client and the customer dictates the pace of these training sessions. In such training no time is wasted on irrelevant topics and it turns out to be the most cost effective solution for the client.

Also for the client taking after implementation services, the customer’s first point of contact for support is the trainer assigned to their company. This helps them get quick responses to queries as the trainer has complete experience of the client’s business processes and how the accounting software has been configured and customized at their location.

Benefits to client:

  • Focused training meeting client’s requirements
  • Dedicated instructor for complete implementation
  • Recommendations for software implementation based on best practices followed in the industry and trainer’s rich experience in working for companies of similar nature
  • Training on client data as opposed to sample data
  • Higher retention rate for client due with hands-on training by certified consultants

Topics covered in Training:

  • Creation of company database
  • Creation of masters
  • Transactions data entry
  • Data backup & maintenance

Voucher layout customization and designing:

After setting up a good accounting system and training the client on using it to the best potential, we customize various accounting templates to give a professional look to the stationery printed from the software. This includes designing of:

  • Sales Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Customer Statements
  • Purchase Order
  • Payment Voucher
  • Cheques

Reports Customization:

A company’s MIS reporting requirements can change from time to time. Therefore good accounting software must have the ability to customize and design new reports for a company as the need arises. In such cases we recommend software with the ability of basic and complex report customization abilities. Also we provide the customer with report customization service for:

  • Master database reports
  • Transaction reports
  • Financial Statements

Accounting Software Support:

Software is more a service than a product. The advantage of selecting a good software reseller partner helps the client in making sure that they have a peace of mind when they call for software support. As the client’s business operations rely on smooth functioning of their business software, our aim is to ensure that the software support is provided to the client without any delay at all times. We provide software support in the following ways:

Annual Maintenance Contract:

For smooth running of your Business Management Solutions, we offer service contracts providing unlimited technical support by telephone, email and on site visits.

Trouble Shooting:

For companies not under any Service Contract with us, we offer trouble-shooting services for the business software as per the requirements to handle critical situations resulting in system downtime.


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