Accounting Software Support Dubai

Saifee Consultants are experienced accountants with working knowledge of accounting and book keeping. We currently work with small and medium sized businesses in Dubai, supporting them on Peachtree & Quickbook Accounting Software. We are continuously involved in book keeping activities for our clients on a regular basis. We are dedicated to continuous learning and educating ourselves in a timely manner to make sure that our quality of software support service is of high standards ensuring our clients get a highly professional support always.

Accounting software is a very important part of the support system for any business. From our experience we have highlighted why companies at different stages and in various types of businesses in Dubai need the best accounting software.

Accounting Software for new start ups:

Even before a business comes in to operation, investors spend money on various start up and government procedural activities. All these expenses either planned or not, go on to determine total capital investment investors would make in getting the business up and running. We provide good and affordable accounting software that accounts for these expenses and also provides basis for the businessmen to budget expenses for the years to come.

Accounting Software for trading companies:

Companies in trading of goods, manage a lot of inventory items and a big customer base. Accounting software with features of inventory management and receivables management is very important in this scenario. Depending on the business type and nature of operation, we understand and implement the accounting software which could meet their business specific requirements and help them manage their operations smoothly.

Accounting Software for companies in service industry:

A lot of companies in service business have a need to track business generated from different types of services provided. In many cases clients also want to track job / project wise profitability and department wise profitability. We recommend simple accounting software solutions where the nature of operations is simple and can be easily managed without having to spend a lot of money on such systems. In cases where the companies are growing and taking up a lot of projects an enterprise level solution is recommended with the ability to generate complex MIS reports and Business Intelligence reports.


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