Sage CRM

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Sage CRM Brief

Sage CRM is extensively used world wide across 70 countries. Over 15,000 companies use Sage CRM to drive sales, run successful marketing campaigns, redefine customer service. All these have lead to improved customer satisfaction and wow experiences.

It is easy to deploy, install, manage, learn and maintain. It is a must for Companies that want to focus on their business and not on their software. When combined with Sage ERP 300, you get complete business insight.

Sage CRM

In short, Sage CRM helps businesses improve efficiency, enhance productivity and build on customer-centricity.

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 Sage CRM: Features at a Glance

  •  Easy to use interface with a fresh look and feel
  •  Fully customizable interactive dashboard
  •  End-user personalization of interface design and content
  •  In-built user tutorials, user guide, quick tips and product videos
  •  Relationship management graphs
  •  Impactful visual charts and highly graphical reports
  •  Real-time synchronization between Sage CRM and MS Exchange for seamless calendar management
  •  Dynamic linking of multiple information sources on a single dashboard screen
  •  Centralized meeting management
  •  Full calendar response management
  •  Fully customizable graphical workflow
  •  Access Sage CRM across all current internet browsers with cross-browser compatibility
  •  Mobile CRM access on the latest smartphone and tablet devices
  •  Internal business collaboration
    • by Yammer: a tool that strengthens collaboration across teams

 Integration capabilities of Sage CRM

  •   Sage CRM fully integrates into Sage ERP
  •  MS Exchange integration
  •  MS Outlook integration
  •  Social media integration
  •  Web self-service portal 

Empower Sales Team: Benefits of Sage CRM in Sales

Maximize the value of every sales opportunity in your pipeline:

  •  Create accurate quotes and orders in a couple of clicks
  •  Manage collaboration and team selling across your department with ease
  •  Eliminate guesswork; make decisions based on accurate, real-time information
  •  Empower your team and boost productivity with a single view of leads, opportunities, tasks and activities
  •  Enables quarterly sales performance monitoring, improving consistency across the sales organization
  •  Maximizes cross and up-sell opportunities
  •  Great user experience on any browser with cross-browser compatibility
  •  Leverages financial information from the back-office system
  •  Reduces time spent in the office on sales administration (more time on sales calls)
  •  Enable sales teams to work effectively regardless of their location with Sage CRM mobile solutions.

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