Here’s One Short Comparison Among QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Editions

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Digitisation of the accounting work makes the everyday task of a business’s account department more streamlined and simpler than before. Top-notch digitisation in accounting can be achieved by QuickBooks accounting software.

However, the rules of QuickBooks’s different editions often confuse many buyers—new and prospective alike. So this post is written to demystify the confusing rules of each of these editions. Let’s get started, folks.

Number of users

The number of users who can work using a single software lysine simultaneously puzzles nearly every buyer of QuickBooks. The easiest way of understanding this problem is to know that your every system, or user, will need a separate licensed copy of QuickBooks.

For instance, if you have three people at your workplace wanting to use this accounting software, then every one of them will need three separate QuickBooks licenses. Nevertheless, the Pro version will allow you to use up to three users; likewise, the Premier Edition permits five users to work on the same software simultaneously. Last, if you’re using the QuickBooks Enterprise, that version will support up to 30 users in one go.

Data’s file size

Any Pro or Premier starter’s guide won’t update you on the file-size issue, but it’s important for you to note that your system can soon outgrow either the Premier or the Pro edition for a few technical reasons. As far as our experience goes, both Premier and Pro Editions will take a bit long to execute reports occupying 200 MB size. Further, both Pro Edition and QuickBooks Premier Retail Edition become a bit more susceptible to contracting funky issues such as data corruption if you execute huge-sized files.

The Enterprise version is designed for handling much larger data files when compared with the sizes of files managed by Pro and Premier Editions. In the Premier version, you can manage reports having the size of nearly 1 GB. So if you find that your commercial needs are outgrowing Premier and Pro Editions, you should switch to the Enterprise version.

Here’s where we’ll end this post. Now, we hope that you have the low-down on two of the biggest differences between the users of Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Editions of QuickBooks software. If you’re interested in knowing which of these software versions will suit your purpose, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to guide. Last, if you’ve found this post useful, do share it with others and spread the word.

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