A brief overview about the benefits of Sage 50 Canadian edition for small business enterprises

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Sage 50 is easy to use desktop accounting software for grow small business enterprises. In addition, it has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The mobile app works smoothly with popular productivity tools such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word and Exchange, and Sage-endorsed third-party applications.

Sage 50 Canadian edition 2017 is easy to use software that allows small businesses in Canada to manage their cash flow, invoicing and billing in the language of their choice. Users can easily switch between English and French while using this accounting software.

By using this software, small businesses in Canada can systematically keep their financial affairs in compliance with a full-time audit trail and automatic in-house payroll tax calculations. The software helps companies gain a better understanding of its customers through reporting, forecasting, and robust analysis options.

Sage Simply Accounting First Step

It is the basic accounting tools for small businesses in Canada for keeping track of sales transactions, customers and suppliers. It can be used without any prior understanding of accounting terms. The cost of using this software by single user is $69.99.

Sage Simply Accounting Pro

It is professional tools for managing financial transactions and inventory needs in two different currencies. Single user can use this professional software by paying $189.90 annually.

Sage Simply Accounting Premium

It is advanced accounting and analysis tools for helping small businesses in order to make quick, informed decisions with data consolidated across multiple companies and locations. It can be purchased for two users by paying $399.99.

Some of the benefits of Sage 50 are given below:

  • Features automatic accounting checks
  • Provides screen-level security
  • Easy to learn and use even for non-accountants and CPAs
  • Compatible with other Sage products
  • Can be scaled to match the business growth of a company
  • It has automatic backup which is critical for protecting important data
  • It has basic accounting modules and useful modules which includes options for credit card processing
  • Modules for inventory management and reporting
  • Has a module for a customizable dashboard for quick access to important data
  • Apart from accounting, it also includes options for processing essential business operation
  • Flexible enough for CPAs and non-accountants

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