Sage Pastel Evolution ERP

Sage Pastel Evolution ERP

With business activity management functionality interwoven into the core of the accounting application, Sage Evolution brings all aspects of your operations together, providing an integrated, holistic view of your business. The comprehensive range of features and functionality, and a number of add-on modules, provides a scalable, flexible and robust management tool for your growing business.

Sage Evolution delivers an entirely new dimension in business management software, taking your business way beyond the traditional realms of accounting software.

Developed within the Evolution Framework® – Sage’s latest technology standard – all components and modules in the Evolution range are fully integrated and share a common interface providing a consistent user experience. In addition the utilization of the MS-SQL database ensures data integrity and maintains all your data in one central database.

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Take Control of your Business as well as your Finances.

In the past, accounting systems stored a wealth of information related to customers, suppliers, inventory and so on – however this information was often limited to accounting data i.e. the numbers. Sage Evolution takes accounting to the next level by allowing you to not only capture numbers, but what we refer to as business activities. This data is then integrated and presented together with the numbers providing a holistic view of your business instead of a numbers only view. This gives you the ability to control your financial situation as well as relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.

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