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Saifee Computers is the authorized re-seller for Sage and Intuit for many years now. Our expertise on products include:


New Product Offerings:

  • SAP Business One
  • Odoo
  • HR Chronicle
  • Revenu’


  • Servers
  • Desktops & Notebooks
  • Networking
  • IP Phones/PBX Lines
  • Security – CCTV Setups, Firewall


  • Consulting & System Requirement Study
  • Software Installation
  • Setup & Implementation
  • Training Programmes
  • Annual Maintenance Contract – Hardware
  • Software Maintenance Contract
  • Accounting Services

Good Software can help your Business grow manifolds. ERP Solutions give you a multidimensional view of your Organization, help you optimize your resources, gain control of your costs and improve productivity by providing all the functional units of your company with real-time data at lightening speed. Once you implement one of our solutions, you will have all the critical information available to timely and most importantly at the click of a button.

To quote a famous proverb, “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”. – Benjamin Franklin

Simply meaning that every Penny of yours, counts. Do you have control of your money? How healthy is your Business? Do you know what is your Expense right now? What about your expense a month before? What is your Net Profit, or is your Business Bleeding? Whom are you dependent on for this critical information? Are your excel sheets giving you real-time reports, or are the old by the time they are compiled? Do you have a system in place which tells you the history and trend of your money earned and the money spent?

Good accounting software can do this for you.

It is time for you to:

  • Organize and manage your business finances;
  • Gain better control over your money matters;
  • Get true insight on how your business is performing;
  • Software is easier than using Spreadsheets;
  • Faster than maintaining accounts manually.

Don’t have enough time to set up and learn a new method – Get Expert Help

Don’t know much about Accounting? – Our Certified Software Consultants with strong accounting knowledge will make the task easy for you.


Saifee Computers (Authorized Resellers)Product Line

Saifee Computers (Authorized Resellers)Product Line

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